Liberty Classic FMCL


Classic front-mounted counterlungs configuration provides the best work of breathing performance. The manual addition valves are located at your chest and within easy reach, offering a simple way to incorporate off-board breathing gas resources.

It comes with a standard DSV but can also be equipped with a BOV.

Each of the 3,50 L counterlungs is easily detachable for cleaning as they are mounted via robust stainless steel quick-release cobra buckles.

Work of breathing performance of 2,16 J/L at 40 m (Gas used: Air), ventilation rate 75 L/min, 1,58 J/L at 100 m (Gas used: Heliox 10/90).

The FMCL configuration is the most flood-resistant configuration thanks to the exhale counterlung being equipped with a specialized OPV developed in-house.

The FMCL Liberty comes with two in-house manufactured ADV options for immediate access to diluent breathing gas.

Select between the traditional plunger style installed directly into the inhalation counterlung or the membrane ADV incorporated into the T-piece.

Dry weight: 33,40 kg (73,63 lb) – stainless steel frame and stand 30,70 kg (67,68 lb) – titanium frame and stand

Peak WOB performance

The Front-mounted counterlungs offer absolutely the best work of breathing performance. This configuration is also extremely resistant against flooding of the unit.


Manual addition valves are easily accesible on the counterlungs with large buttons maintaining a sleek design of the lungs.

ADV selection

FMCL configuration offers a wide selection of ADVs from mechanical or membrane to BOV ADV to satisfy your exact needs.

Offboard gas accesibility

This configuration offers the easiest way to offboard gas. The gas can be connected straight into the counterlungs with LP QD hoses.


The unit comes with Divesoft DSV in standard configuration but it can also equipped with BOV based on your preference.


Easily detachable cordura counterlungs mounted via quick release cobra buckles are madeto be easy to be attached / detached. The CLs are equiped with inhouse made OPV with adjustable overpressure release treshold.